I guarantee the material in this course will move you toward positive change.  The key is to become acutely aware of the facets of your “brand,” the unique way your brain is wired, and how that influences your behavior. The next four weeks will open your eyes to what ADHD is, how it affects you personally, and what the path to change looks like.

Once your eyes (and your metaphorical suitcase) are open, real change can begin:

  • You’ll be begin to see misperceptions and shame that have held you back.
  • Your perspective will evolve to include an “updated neurochemical version of you” that impacts your choices in a positive way.
  • Your awarenesses will increase, allowing you to begin to develop strategies that align with your values and have meaning for you.
  • Your overall life “map” will evolve with a foundation in hope and inspiration.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well on your way to moving from Traveler to Navigator, forging ahead on the life journey of your dreams and swerving deftly around roadblocks.

Uncovering What’s Already There

I’ve watched my clients implement simple strategies that often create some big, lasting change. I’ve got to be honest and say that I don’t always know exactly why this change has occurred, but I do know that many have gone on to lead very rich lives after their experiences and learning with the Unpacking ADHD material.

I encourage you to have faith in yourself on this journey.  And, have faith in the courses we’ve created for you.  Experience has shown me that change often occurs deep inside before you even notice it.

Accept that you’ll be distracted along the way, but trust that you’ll get better at managing these distractions. I’ve watched my clients gather relevant skills and strategies over the years that have positively impacted their regulation of attention and focus, decreased their distractibility, and allowed them more consistent access to what’s always been true about themselves.

You’re already endowed with all the creativity, motivation, inspiration, and intelligence that you’ll ever need.  You simply need to sharpen your ability to recognize what exists, at deeper and more expanded levels, eliminate whatever obstacles prevent fullest expression, and supply yourself with the tools to be able to capture, form, and express your gifts more fully in the world.
-David Allen – The GTD Phenomenon – Making It All Work

It really is a paradox: we – those of the “tribe” – can live with staggering inconsistencies, magnificent undervalued strengths and capabilities, and seemingly debilitating challenges. But when your brand – your unique wiring – is recognized, developed, and employed in the right way, what becomes possible is quite astounding.

Basically, we’re using the Unpacking ADHD process to re-brand ourselves. Branding is a common buzzword in business and marketing but is also directly applicable to us as individuals. In this class, we’ll begin the process of recognizing and owning our unique skills.

By learning to identify and fully live your brand, you will walk the planet with confidence and give your unique gift to the world.

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