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Unpacking ADHD founder Don Baker

Don Baker, MA, LMHC

Seattle ADHD Specialist and Unpacking ADHD Founder


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If you’re looking for help to understand and navigate ADHD traits in your life — or the life of a client or loved one — you’ve come to the right place.

Adult ADHD is a central theme in my life. I received my own ADHD diagnosis in 1997, became a licensed counselor in the state of Washington in 1998, and have spent thousands of hours over the past 16 years listening to and learning from others who live with ADHD. It’s been a fascinating journey, and I’m still learning, but one thing I know for certain is that there is hope.

No matter how discouraged, confused, or frustrated you feel, I firmly believe that you already have everything you need within you.

You’re not starting at square one. The journey to a more fulfilling life is a process of discovery. It’s about unpacking your truth, uncovering your strengths, and learning to be more conscious of the moment-to-moment choices that shape your experience.

I’m a huge fan of Simon Sinek, and I think everyone on the planet should watch his “Start With Why” TED Talk. The core “why” of my career is to connect others with the facts about ADHD wiring and bring members of this amazing tribe together.

All of us crave spaces where we feel safe enough to be who we really are. Too often the walls and defenses that we build to protect ourselves can also isolate us. My deepest hope for is to build a global, welcoming community for adults living with ADHD, as well as the professionals, partners, parents, friends, teachers and others who care about them. I hope you’ll join me on the UnpackingADHD journey!


“Don is not only a skilled group facilitator, but also a passionate student walking with us.” – Mike R.

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