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The #1 ADHD Solution for Adults is Education

You can’t “fix” ADHD. There’s no simple ADHD solution. If you live with ADHD traits, you’ve probably always had them and you probably always will. It’s the way you’re wired. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your life!


Hope comes when you stop fighting how you’re wired and start understanding it. Once you let go of myths about ADHD and start to explore your own unique wiring, life can get a whole lot better:

  You can stop thinking you “should” be different than you are.

  You can start to see and take advantage of strengths you may have neglected.

  You can understand why you struggle in certain areas.

  You can use your understanding to create personalized strategies.

  You can get support by connecting to others in your “ADHD tribe.”


The resources on this page offer some first steps toward a personalized ADHD solution for adults. If you like what you see, please consider getting involved in our Community or taking one of our Online ADHD Classes.


Take the first adult ADHD test to assess ADHD strengths, as well as challenges.

Even if you already have a diagnosis, you might learn something new about yourself by taking this self-test.

Start unpacking the truth about ADHD with Top 10 Adult ADHD Myths

Too many adults suffer because myths about ADHD keep them from getting support to improve their lives.

Defining ADHD: A History is a timeline of how we’ve understood ADHD going back to 493BC.

The collection of traits that make up ADHD have been recognized since the beginning of recorded time.

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