Have you ever sensed there’s something special about you – a difference that is unique, creative, and powerful – yet you’ve never identified what it is or known how to deliberately access it?

This special quality of yours, this difference, this treasure, appears and dazzles others (including you at times!) in short bursts. It’s elusive. It’s variable. It’s situational.

The challenge is slowing your brain down long enough to see it, feel it, leverage it. Somehow something – some thought, some feeling – always seems to distract you from following the thread, from sustaining your attention long enough to reflect.

What if it were possible to slow your brain down long enough to focus on this uniqueness? Your uniqueness. To own it, leverage it, and begin to gain traction using and growing it?

Moving from Traveler to Navigator

We at Unpacking ADHD believe that a huge part of what’s been in the in the way – the reason why you may not be moving forward at the pace you’d imagined or living the life you’ve imagined living – is a lack of awareness and understanding of your unique brain wiring.

In terms of your life journey, you may feel like you’ve been stuck at the train station, lost in the woods, or flitting erratically from one destination to another. Your suitcase has been dragging you down and hiding its true contents.

Eye Glasses and Woods Photo


The way that we interpret the world and our experiences is important, right?  The stories we construct about ourselves are based on others’ and our own interpretations.  Often, we interpret things in unhealthy ways that can have negative consequences.

For example, I often lose my keys unless I put them in my “spot” on the kitchen counter. If I hadn’t spent time learning about my brand of ADHD wiring, losing my keys might make me think, “again! man, what a loser!” and get frustrated and on and on and on. But because I understand how my working memory is compromised, I can explain to myself what’s up (not make an excuse).  I can take a deep breath, pause, and allow my brain to kick in.

My objective is to teach you enough about the neurobiological underpinning of your unique wiring that you’ll begin to redirect some of the interpretations you have about yourself in healthier directions. You’ll know yourself better and be kinder to yourself.


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