Adult ADHD Spectrum Self Test

Do You Live with Any of the Traits of ADHD?

Over 15,000 people have taken the Adult ADHD Spectrum Self Test — the first online ADHD test to assess for both strengths and challenges associated with ADHD.

What makes this test unique?

There are lots of ADHD tests online. Most of them focus on negative traits of the wiring, like running late and being disorganized.

The Adult ADHD Spectrum Self Test is a different kind of ADHD test. We designed it to help you assess the full spectrum of ADHD traits, including both strengths and challenges.

Why is this so important? Because whether you go on to get a clinical diagnosis of ADHD or simply have a few traits (“ADHD Lite”), the fastest route to improving your life is to build on your strengths. Recognizing the positive aspects of your unique brain wiring is a powerful first step.

Time and again in the Unpacking ADHD groups I’ve done over the years, I’ve seen clients walk away from traditional ADHD evaluations and self tests discouraged because once again, they’ve come face to face with their “deficits.” Especially if you’re getting older or carrying a lot of shame, it’s easy to walk away from such a test feeling like trying to make change one more time may not be worth the effort. We want to change that.
Don Baker, MA, LMHC

Unpacking ADHD Founder

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