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a roadmap for adults with adhd traits
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3 Short and Super-Flexible Online Classes

Learn how to build on your strengths for a more authentic, successful life!

I’m Don Baker, MA, LMHC, and I’ve been leading adult ADHD classes for many years. The Unpacking ADHD Core Series is based on the successes I’ve shared with hundreds of clients in these groups and in one-on-one sessions.

Whether you are “100% ADHD” or just notice a few strong traits, this material can help you live with more hope, direction, and peace of mind.


A Proven Roadmap

Even one piece of bad information or a single self-defeating habit can be like a ton of bricks that keeps you stuck in place. Unpacking ADHD is about moving forward. It’s a guided journey that you can personalize as you go.

  • Drop the baggage that’s holding you back.
  • Explore how your brain works.
  • Load up on strengths and strategies.
  • Chart a course that’s really you.

Each of the 3 classes is 4 weeks long. You can start with one class or save when you commit to the series. Either way, you can start each class whenever you want. It only takes an hour or two a week to get results.

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“Once I started working with Don Baker, taking his classes, and interacting with others in the class discussions, I was able to get inside someone else’s experience. As a result, I began to look at my strengths and weaknesses in a very different way. Now I’m in a place where once I start to ‘go to the dark side,’ I stop myself and redirect.”

– Bill M.

The Core Series Classes

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Opening the Suitcase

A New Understanding of ADHD Brain Wiring

Kick shame to the curb and gain a balanced perspective on adult ADHD. This introduction to the Unpacking ADHD journey will help you get clear on what adult ADHD really is—and what it isn’t.

You’ll start by unpacking the truth about ADHD brain wiring and throwing out the common misperceptions that ADHD is a disease, a defect or a failure of self-control. Then, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the basic science behind ADHD, the traits that comprise it, the evolving social context, and the importance of a personalized approach.

In just one month, you’ll be able to define your own unique “brand” of ADHD and start using that knowledge to improve your life. You’ll have the confidence to let go of negative messages around ADHD, and you’ll be ready to embrace the hidden strengths in your ADHD wiring.

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You don’t need a medical diagnosis of ADHD to benefit from this course. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have amazing ideas, actually act on a few, but have poor follow-through?
  • Do you feel like you’re not maximizing what you know is possible for you?
  • Do you intuitively understand complex concepts?
  • Do you make connections others don’t?
  • Do you get bored easily?
  • Do you have difficulty forming and sustaining relationships?
  • Are you disorganized in time and space?
  • Do you always end up cramming at the last minute to get things done?
  • Are you irritable, impatient, inconsistent or impulsive?
  • Do you often feel discouraged and anxious?
  • Do you have struggle sustaining your focus on something that doesn’t interest you?
  • Do your challenges subside when something grabs your interest?

If any of this sounds familiar, you most likely live with certain ADHD traits. If you’re uncomfortable with the label of ADHD or if you’re not really sure what ADHD is, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. The whole point of this course is to ditch the stigma, learn the facts, and figure out what’s true for you.

What You’ll Learn

Week 1. Essential Knowledge about ADHD and You
Find out what ADHD really is and why it’s so controversial, especially in adults. Explore ADHD traits and how they manifest for you.

Week 2. Your Unique Brain Wiring
Learn how people with ADHD experience the world differently, and start harnessing that knowledge to improve your life.

Week 3. Connecting Brain to Behavior
Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind ADHD, and see how biology influences your behavior.

Week 4. Charting a New Course
Get clear on the change you want to create in your life, how you’re going to get there, and what it will take to stay the course.

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Packing for Success

The Fundamentals of Optimizing Your Brain

Would you like to feel more in control of your life? More able to finish what you start? Less easily sidetracked and discouraged? Packing for Success will load up your personal toolkit with skills and strategies for decreasing your distractibility, regulating your attention and focus, and accessing your strengths more consistently.

This action-oriented course is all about helping you apply the latest growing knowledge about ADHD brain wiring to optimize your personal brain function. You’ll learn what has worked for others and explore options to figure out what works best for you.

Learn to work with your ADHD brain wiring, not against it!

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Packing for Success is the next step. You’re starting to get your head around your wiring, and you’re ready to make some nitty gritty changes in your life.

This course will help you:

  • Identify and build on your strengths
  • Sustain choices and behaviors
  • Master your own self-regulation
  • Improve your ability to focus when you want to
  • Get things done
  • Stay on track
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Reduce distractions
  • Work with less effort
  • Finish what you start
  • Live up to your potential

Sounds pretty good, huh? You won’t solve all your problems in four weeks, but if you take the materials in this course to heart, you will see real movement in the right direction. And with the support of others in your tribe, you’ll find hope and motivation to continue the journey.

What You’ll Learn

Week 1. Identifying and Building on Your Strengths
Review the most important things you need to know about ADHD wiring. Find out how embracing neurodiversity and focusing on your strengths can fast-track your journey to a more satisfying life.

Week 2. Getting What You Want: Self-Control
Explore the positive side of self control — more power to get what you want! Learn strategies for exercising greater restraint over your feelings, emotions, and reactions.

Week 3. Harnessing Your Learning and Processing Styles
Improve your ability to take in and absorb information. Identify and leverage the learning and processing styles that work best for you.

Week 4. Becoming a Connoisseur of Your Own Attention
Strengthen your “muscle of attention” and get better at balancing the levels of comfort and stimulation that allow you to focus best.

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Navigation Skills

Reclaiming Control of Your Life

Your Unpacking ADHD journey so far has shaken things up and given you a lot more options. Now there’s a risk of getting stuck, unable to decide on your next steps. This class will help you avoid getting lost in the “netherworld” between where you’ve been and where you want to go.

We’ll focus on moving through the inward turmoil and learning to make choices that are truly your own. You’ve had burning embers inside you that maybe you’ve wanted to disregard or disown, but now they’re flaming up. By managing and focusing that fire, you can move forward and let your brilliance shine.

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By the time you get to this final class of the Core Series, you’ve already:

  • Learned a lot about ADHD wiring
  • Formed a working definition of your own unique brand of ADHD
  • Identified your strengths and started to shift toward leveraging them more
  • Built up a toolchest of strategies for improving your attention, taking in information more effectively, managing your emotions, and dealing with other ADHD-related challenges

That’s a lot of change in two months! Many people moving through this journey find themselves shaken to the core. They’re excited about the possibilities, but they’re also looking at their past and their future, struggling with deep emotions. There’s risk of “freezing.” You’re not sure how to live a whole new life, not sure what to let go and what to keep, so you stop because the change is simply too confusing and overwhelming.

Navigation Skills is a class about recognizing that transition is difficult and finding ways to keep going anyway. It was designed to support you in clarifying your goals and moving forward toward them.

What You’ll Learn

Week 1. Dare to Be in Transition
Being on your growing edge is a lot harder than sticking with what you’ve always known. We’ll explore why that is and how you can soften your resistance, strengthen your resolve, and get the support you need.

Week 2. Finding Your Locus of Control
Learn how to put emotional turmoil in perspective and gain confidence in your own ability to act on your life and affect outcomes.

Week 3. Building Personal Power
Take logical steps toward getting more comfortable and consistent in your new self. Find out what it takes to chart a life course that’s really you.

Week 4. Sustaining Momentum
Gather concrete strategies for being more persistent when the going gets tough, and prioritize your next steps so you can continue your journey successfully.

“I’ve taken several of Don’s courses and found them life changing. The classes are both inspiring and practical.”

– Joe P.

What's Included?

Instant Access

Your class starts as soon as you sign up. You will automatically receive a new lesson each week, along with email check-ins to see how you’re doing and cheer you along.

Flexible Participation

Lessons are easy to access and mobile-friendly. Participate from any location using your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Whatever works for you!

Group Support

Share the journey with current and past students in private class forums.


“Make This Lesson Yours” questions and activities are sprinkled through each lesson to help you take the content to heart and connect it to your life and goals.

Live Video Chats

Course creator Don Baker, MA, LMHC hosts frequent video chats to answer your questions, keep you inspired, and build the Unpacking ADHD community.


At the end of each lesson, you’ll find a Toolkit of recommended readings, books, apps, etc. to help you dig deeper into topics that spark your interest.

Bite-Sized Information

Each week includes both a short video and a written lesson. Each lesson is broken down into short topics. Lots of images, infographics, and self-tests help keep things interesting.


Enjoy unlimited lifetime access to all videos, lessons, and toolkits for every course you purchase. You can always come back for a refresher!

 “I thought I should be completely reinventing myself, doing a 180. Now I’m just saying yes to the things that are me.”

– John M.

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