If you’re looking to educate yourself about ADHD, I’m certainly not too shy to recommend my online courses.

But I also highly recommend picking up a good book. (Oh yeah, I have one or two of those too.)

Seriously, there are lots of great ADHD books and Adult ADHD books on the market these days. It can be hard to know where to start.

My list of Best Adult ADHD Books is here to help. I just added a couple more titles to this list and I could add a dozens more. But I won’t. This pint-sized shortlist was carefully selected because these books have been the most beneficial to me and my clients over the years. They are all wise, informative, and genuinely worth reading.

I’ve also added a new rating widget to each book, so if you’ve read any of them, please share your opinion. 1-5 stars. Easy peasy!

Check out the list now.

And if you have additional opinions about any of the books – or if you’d like to make an argument for a favorite that wasn’t included – that’s what comments are for! Please share your thoughts below.

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