$30 for Opening the Suitcase – July only!

I’m delighted to launch the new and improved version of my Unpacking ADHD Core Series. You can now start the first 4-week class, Opening the Suitcase, at any time. By automating a lot of my work as a facilitator, I was able to lower the price from $90 to $45.

To celebrate, I’m taking an additional $15 off for one month only. Now through the end of July, you can take Opening the Suitcase for just $30. There’s no further commitment. It’s completely up to you whether you take the rest of the 3-class Core Series.

I’ve been developing this ADHD program for adults for 16 years and running a popular ADHD group in Seattle for 12 years. The Unpacking ADHD Core Series offers a unique mix of information, personal exploration, and group support. It’s been effective for hundreds of adults who live with ADHD traits — including myself!

I know it works. I’m so excited to make it more easily available to anyone who can benefit.


Think of it as summer camp for your brain.

Opening the Suitcase is an opportunity to give yourself something special: a getaway from your normal experience, a chance to explore your brain in a new way. There might be some exertion, but it will be fun and worth the trip.



You can review the mobile-friendly materials on your phone or tablet while sitting by the pool, eat S’mores while you join me for Weekly Video Q&As, and when you’re done with camp, you can either return to your life with a fresh perspective or come back for another month.


Are you wondering if the Unpacking ADHD Core Series is right for you? Worth your time?

You don’t need a medical diagnosis of ADHD to benefit from this course. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have amazing ideas, actually act on a few, but have poor follow-through?
  • Do you feel like you’re not maximizing what you know is possible for you?
  • Do you intuitively understand complex concepts?
  • Do you make connections others don’t?
  • Do you get bored easily?
  • Do you have difficulty forming and sustaining relationships?
  • Are you disorganized in time and space?
  • Do you always end up cramming at the last minute to get things done?
  • Are you irritable, impatient, inconsistent or impulsive?
  • Do you often feel discouraged and anxious?
  • Do you have struggle sustaining your focus on something that doesn’t interest you?
  • Do your challenges subside when something grabs your interest?

If any of this sounds familiar, you most likely live with certain ADHD traits. If you’re uncomfortable with the label of ADHD or if you’re not really sure what ADHD is, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. The whole point of the first course in the series, Opening the Suitcase, is to ditch the stigma, learn the facts, and figure out what’s true for you.


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Hope to see you in class soon!






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