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ADHD classes for your busy life

Get the support you need to succeed. On your terms.

Have you ever taken an online class before? Are you wondering if this is going to work for you? We want you to know that we’ve worked our butts off to put together ADHD classes that are worth your time. In other words, easy-to-access, interesting, and valuable.

We also offer multiple ways to connect to course leader and Unpacking ADHD founder Don Baker, MA, LMHC and other students in the Unpacking ADHD community, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Easy to Access

Participate from anywhere, anytime using your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.


Learn through a wide variety of written materials, videos, exercises, and fun extras.


Connect with others via private forums, live video sessions with Don, and more.


Gain information, ideas, tools, and community. Keep them forever with lifetime access.

Overview of Classes

In addition to the classes listed below, we’re developing a Traction program in which graduates of our Core Series will support one another to achieve long-term goals. We’re also considering “deep dive” classes on ADHD-related topics such as managing your emotions, working with relationships, and career strategies.

If you have an idea for an ADHD class you’d like to see, please drop us a line.

The Core Series

This series of online ADHD classes for adults is based on our founder Don Baker’s popular Life Strategies groups in Seattle. If you live with traits of ADHD, these three 4-week classes may be exactly what you need to gain a clear understanding your unique wiring and start living a life that’s really yours.

“I’ve taken three of Don’s Unpacking Courses. I’m aware that I’m far less distracted by the internal “noise.”  Funny, I really wasn’t aware of how loud the noise was. It’s like the windows in my car were all open and then I got it – I could just roll them up!”

– Cindy R.

“I’ve been living under the influence of others’ attributions about me. I’m beginning to tease out what’s mine and what’s theirs.”

– Heidi K.

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