Why does ADHD Awareness Month matter? Why do we need to raise awareness? And what does this month mean for those of us who already know we live with ADHD traits?

I believe it’s about breaking down shame and ignorance. There are so many myths about ADHD, especially for adults. These myths keep many people from exploring their own neurobiological tendencies in order to optimize the unique and wonderful brains they have.

Here at Unpacking ADHD, we offer support and resources to any adult who lives with ADHD traits. You may have serious challenges or just a few traits that trouble you. You may be an incredibly creative and powerful leader or you may be struggling to find direction in your life. You may fully adopt the ADHD label or just think of yourself as ADHD-ish.

Wherever you are, awareness is the key to a more satisfying life.

My mission is to help you understand your unique brain wiring, transcend challenges, and discover the “unmined gold” of your natural strengths. The path to doing this is brain optimization, a personalized process of growing awareness and building strategies to get the most out of the brain you have. My Seattle ADHD groups and online Core Series were designed to support this process as a holistic “roadmap” for thriving with ADHD traits. My Brain Food e-book targets the nutritional aspects of brain optimization. I also offer tons of free resources, including those you’ll find on this blog, Facebook, and Pinterest.

If you’re here for the first time, I encourage you to start by taking the Adult ADHD Spectrum Self Test.

If you’ve been around for a while, consider putting yourself out there a little bit more this month. Take some small action to break down the shame and judgment around ADHD. Share something about ADHD on social media. Tell a friend what you’ve been learning. Maybe even have a conversation with your boss or supervisor.

And if you’re ready for a next step, consider signing up for a course. For the rest of October, save $10 on any class with the code AWARENESS2016. Sign up today!



I’d love to hear your thoughts about ADHD Awareness Month. Where is your awareness growing? What action feels right for you this month? How can Unpacking ADHD better support you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



Don Baker, MA, LMHC

I’ve been leading groups for adults living with the traits of ADHD for more than 15 years. I am a licensed counselor in the state of Washington, and I received my own diagnosis of ADHD in 1997. I am passionate about sharing cutting edge information about ADHD wiring and helping people with ADHD connect with others in our “tribe.” I created the Unpacking ADHD Core Series, a flexible roadmap for adults with ADHD.

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