ADHD Brain Food Ebook



A Practical Guide to Eating for Better Mood, Focus, and Energy

Learn how to give your brain the nutritional support it deserves! You won’t believe how much it can improve your life.



A Definitive Guide to Feeding Your ADHD Brain

Good nutrition can’t cure your ADHD, but it’s a huge part of optimizing your brain to serve you better. When you eat a brain-healthy diet, you’ll notice:

  • Better mood stability
  • Stronger focus
  • More stamina
  • Less distractibility
  • Less tiredness in the late morning and mid-afternoon
  • Fewer cravings for sugary substances

This 30-page e-book offers a concise, action-oriented overview of nutritional strategies that will move you toward this benefits. Eating more consciously can give you a whole new level of control over how your ADHD wiring shows up in your daily life. Get started now!

NOTE – This ebook includes a $5 discount code for future purchase of the 8-week ADHD Brain Food Class. Or, you can sign up for the class now and get a free copy of the book. 


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