ADHD Brain Food Class


8-week online class

Step-by-step support to support your brain with the power of nutrition



When your brain gets the nutrition it needs to work at top capacity, you can enjoy more stable moods, stronger focus, more stamina, less distractibility, less tiredness, and other profound benefits

This class offers step-by-step support to apply the content in Unpacking ADHD Founder Don Baker’s popular ADHD Brain Food e-book — plus much more!

  • Set a clear intention for changing your eating habits.
  • Learn what a brain-healthy diet means.
  • Start taking simple, realistic steps in the right direction.
  • This class makes it all feel doable!

You’ll get tons of support to make small, sustainable changes. You’ll stay motivated with frequent communication and weekly challenges. And you’ll also discover great recipes, easy snacks, useful apps, and much more.

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Note: A download of the ADHD Brain Food Ebook is included in the price of this course. If you previously purchased the e-book, you will find a discount code on page 30 which you can apply to the price of this course.


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