Happy October! This month is national ADHD Awareness Month.

So, let’s think a little about awareness. There’s ADHD awareness on the social level — unpacking stereotypes, breaking down the stigma, advocating for a neurodiversity perspective. We love that!

But what about the personal level? What can you do this month to raise your own ADHD awareness? What if you took the month of October to play with your awareness and experience around food? 

I feel strongly that diet is one of the most effective and accessible ways for people who live with ADHD traits to improve their lives. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on this in the coming weeks, including some highlights of my own experience. The gist is that eating a more brain-healthy diet can dramatically improve your mood, focus and energy. Even small changes can make a huge difference.

For this month only, I’m offering my brand new e-book: ADHD Brain Food: Nutrition for Brain Optimization — for just $3. This e-book is a concise, practical guide to why diet is so important to brain optimization, what nutrients are most important for your brain, and how to make sustainable changes in your diet.

I’ll be following this book up with an 8-week online Brain Food Class launching November 4, 2015 (more details on that soon!). And everyone who purchases the e-book now will receive a coupon code to save $10 on the class.

Maybe you’ve been discouraged in past efforts to improve your diet. This month is a great time to try again, this time with more support and information. Buy the e-book now and stay tuned for more free resources on brain-healthy eating.

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