Community. Accountability. Momentum.

Saturdays – January 9, 16, & 23, 2016

12:00 to 1:00 PM PST


What is JumpStart?

JumpStart is a 3-week webinar series for any adult interested in the Unpacking ADHD mission. If you want to understand your unique brain wiring, transcend challenges, and discover the “unmined gold” of your natural strengths, this is for you!

JumpStart is FREE for anyone who has ever registered for one of my online classes. For everyone else, it’s just $25. UPDATE: Now free for everyone!

The focus of JumpStart is forming genuine connections in order to create the sense of support and accountability that enables success.

Participants will:

  • Get to know me (Don Baker)
  • Get to know other participants
  • Get to know the Unpacking ADHD approach
  • Get to know our online class process
  • Build momentum for positive change

JumpStart is particularly recommended for anyone who has the intention to complete my 3-month Unpacking ADHD Core Series. Let’s connect! Let’s talk! Let’s get you on track to achieve more of what you want in life.


WHY JumpStart?

I believe in the Unpacking ADHD model. The concepts and exercises in my Core Series classes have been valuable to hundreds of people here in Seattle. I know this material can benefit thousands of people around the world — maybe even millions! But before I can go big, I have to get it right.

The greatest challenge I’ve found with my online classes is that it’s difficult to create the sense of support and accountability that comes naturally in a face-to-face group. It’s not easy for participants to form relationships with me and with each other. Without a sense of connection, it’s all too easy to lose momentum. Plus, the process of moving through the material can be unfamiliar or confusing, especially if you haven’t taken online courses before.

My hope is that JumpStart can help build a sense of community and mutual support, while also familiarizing people with our process. If it works, I’ll offer it quarterly.


Register Now!

Commit now to taking advantage of your “new year” energy in 2016. Wherever you are on the journey to loving and optimizing your brain, JumpStart can help. Get support, clarify your intention, and build momentum to keep moving forward!

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