I know you’ve had a similar experience…

Where you’ve found yourself tirelessly searching online for anything you can get your hands on that mentions ADHD in adults.

Nothing seems to scratch the itch and to be honest, you’re not even sure what you’re looking for or why you’re doing such a deep dive right now… Right?

You have a hunch that you live with a cluster of traits akin to what you’ve heard about symptoms of the ADHD diagnosis. Or maybe one of your friends mentioned someone they know being diagnosed. Perhaps you’ve even received an ADHD diagnosis or had a professional suggest that ADHD might be relevant for you.

But the stuff you run across just doesn’t fit YOU.

Guess what? You’ve arrived.

We can help. Plain and simple. And, honestly, how you got here is not important. What matters is that you’ve arrived at a destination, a jumping off point of sorts, a place where you can access the information and resources you need. You’re at the right spot.

What we do best is help people like you unpack what ADHD is and what it isn’t. If you have ADHD traits, whether or not you’ve been diagnosed, UnpackingADHD.com offers a path to explore your own unique brain wiring. We provide information and safe space for you to repackage, reformulate, and recalibrate your understanding in order to have more control, satisfaction, and mastery in your life. I think that’s what you’re after, right?

The perspective you’re about to encounter is fresh, crisp, and relevant. The content includes classes, infographics, ebooks, videos, discussion forums, and more. We can help you put down the baggage that’s not serving you and move forward on the life journey you choose.


Check out what others are saying…


  • Unpacking ADHD has taught me what to look for. The material in the classes is helping me see the full spectrum of symptoms — strengths and challenges — accepting that they both exist. It’s this understanding that’s helped me most.
  • Trying to eliminate or eradicate something in the end just creates more problems. Working through the first two classes has allowed me to reframe how I experience stuff I do. I’m so much more self-accepting. Hard to believe.
  • I’m learning how powerful emotion is as a driving force in my life.
  • I’ve been hugely afraid of being judged and afraid of doing the wrong thing. So, after working through the first two courses, I decided to “lean into it.” It’s not been comfortable, but what’s happened is that I’ve gotten out of the rut I’ve been in.
  • Coming out of the isolation is uncomfortable. I’m engaged with and by something every day — not disappearing like I used to. I used to take whole chunks of time off because I felt so overwhelmed. Now I’m beginning to understand why!
  • Change is subjective and nebulous. It feels bigger than I thought…but honestly I never really thought about it ’cause I didn’t think I ever would.
  • I found the site and didn’t sign up right away. I sat there and asked myself: “Is it too late to change? Am I really up to it? How bad do I want to change? Will I fail?” I signed up anyway.
  • I’m learning to let go of what I thought I should be and learning more about who I really am.
  • Unpacking is wiggling my way out of the harness of work — my growing free time feels delicious.
  • I was surrounded by others satisfied with just getting by/surviving. What I’ve uncovered is the need to be more inventive.


What does unpacking ADHD mean to you? I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments below or use the #unpackingadhd hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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