I love leap day. Every four years, we get an “extra” day. Maybe it’s my ADHD wiring, curious and excitable, but leap day always feels like a gift full of possibilities. And this year, I want to pass that gift along.

On February 29th only, you can use the coupon code LEAP2016 to save an extra $10 on the Unpacking ADHD Core Series package (already on sale!).


Leap Into Possibility

My Adult ADHD classes are a fun and flexible way to dive in to the Unpacking ADHD approach. You’ll be amazed how quickly the material will start opening up hope and possibility in your life.



The Core Series

This series of three 4-week classes is based on my popular Life Strategies groups in Seattle. If you live with traits of ADHD, the Core Series offers a clear, but very flexible, path to understanding your unique wiring, optimizing your brain, and living a life that celebrates who you really are.

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Remember, the coupon code is LEAP2016 — valid on February 29, 2016 only!


Afraid You’ll Forget?

Does a one-day-only sale feel a little nerve wracking? Worried you might space it? I understand!

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don-baker-150pxDon Baker, MA, LMHC

I’ve been leading groups for adults living with the traits of ADHD for more than 15 years. I am a licensed counselor in the state of Washington, and I received my own diagnosis of ADHD in 1997. I am passionate about sharing cutting edge information about ADHD wiring and helping people with ADHD connect with others in their “tribe.”


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