I did some thinking over the holidays, and I decided to make my JumpStart webinar series completely free — even if you’re brand new to UnpackingADHD.com.

UPDATE: Due to major computer malfunction, I had to cancel the original start date of 1/9. I now have a shiny new computer and am looking forward to seeing folks on 1/16.

Community. Accountability. Momentum.

Saturdays – January 16, 23 & 30, 2016

12:00 to 1:00 PM PST


If you’re an adult with ADHD traits looking to get more out of life in 2016, this is for you!

  • Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck in your job, your relationships, or other aspects of your life.
  • Maybe you’re doing pretty well, but you have the sense that more is possible. You’ve seen glimpses of your own brilliance, and you want to know how to harness it.
  • No matter where you are on your journey, connecting with support can help!

Research shows that social support reduces anxiety and stress, making it much easier to achieve positive change (see rule #4 for making resolutions stick). If you want to move forward in your life, connecting to others who have similar goals is one of the best ways to ensure momentum and success.

UnpackingADHD.com is a small but growing community of adults who understand the paradox of ADHD. Through conversations, classes, social media, and more, we celebrate the strengths of our unique wiring and share strategies for managing the challenges.

JumpStart is the perfect way to dive in and see if UnpackingADHD.com is good fit for you. It’s also an ideal way to get back on track if you’ve stalled on your journey. (Yes, I’m talking to you folks who started a class and haven’t finished yet!)


What We’ll Discuss

Here’s what you can expect in this 3-week Adult ADHD webinar series:

January 16 – What’s This All About?

Get to know me, Don Baker, MA, LMHC. Discuss the ADHD Spectrum Self Test and some of the most damaging myths about ADHD. Remember, you don’t have to fully accept the ADHD label or take medication to benefit from learning more. Maybe you’re just “ADHD-ish.”

January 23 – What Brought You Here? Why Now?

Hear from folks who have benefited from exploring their ADHD traits with me and UnpackingADHD.com. Share your own experience, as you feel comfortable. This session is about accepting yourself where you are and building a sense of connection with others.

January 30 – Where Do You Want to Go?

Are you clear on your intention and goals — or do you need to start by figuring that out? We’ll discuss the process of change and how UnpackingADHD.com can help. I’ll also offer a brief introduction to our online class process for those taking or considering the Adult ADHD Core Series classes.


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don-baker-150pxDon Baker, MA, LMHC

I’ve been leading groups for adults living with the traits of ADHD for more than 15 years. I am a licensed counselor in the state of Washington, and I received my own diagnosis of ADHD in 1997. I am passionate about sharing cutting edge information about ADHD wiring and helping people with ADHD connect with others in their “tribe.”


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