I love self tests. The results are always fun to get. You go through them and think, “Yeah, that sounds like me” or “Mmmm, that one’s a stretch but I guess I can see it in this way…

I especially like the process of taking self tests.  I’m now in the habit of paying attention to the range of the questions and attempting to understand why the creator(s) of the test included a particular question.

As we were brainstorming content for this website, we were very excited about the idea of creating a self test with questions that represent a broader range of ADHD traits. I’m proud to introduce our first attempt at creating a self test that measures, however imperfectly, the full spectrum of ADHD traits that often manifest as strengths and/or challenges.

In keeping with our shift toward a Neurodiversity model and away from a Disability model, the Adult ADHD Spectrum Self Test is designed to give you information about a range of symptomology.  It is our wish is that you will take your results from the self test and use them as a place to start on your journey.

Time and again in the Unpacking ADHD groups I’ve done over the years, I’ve seen clients walk away from traditional ADHD evaluations and self tests discouraged because once again, they’ve come face to face with their “deficits.” Especially if you’re getting older or carrying a lot of shame, it’s easy to walk away from such a test feeling like trying to make change one more time may not be worth the effort. We want to change that.

So, I hope you’ll give it a try. Have fun! And be sure to have something with you to take notes on any memories, insights or to-dos that taking the test brings up for you.

We’d love it if you made a comment here after taking the self test.  Let us know what you think!

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