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Over 400 people have taken our Adult ADHD Spectrum Self-Test so far, and 79% of them answered “yes” to this question: Do you feel stuck, like you aren’t moving forward in your life?

That’s a significant majority of people, and it’s consistent with my day-to-day experience of working with people wired with the traits of ADHD.

From all outward appearances, someone’s life may look full, rich, and meaningful. But that’s not what most people with ADHD wiring report feeling.

Tom Brown, in his powerful book Smart But Stuck, captures what may be at the core of why 79% of us answered yes to the question: an often unregulated, powerful emotional response to just about everything.

“ADHD is not a simple problem of misbehavior, lack of willpower, or inability to focus attention. In this collection of true stories about extremely bright teenagers and adults, you’ll find multiple examples of the ways that ADHD can cause even very intelligent individuals to experience chronic frustration and failure, which gets them ‘stuck’ in their schooling or work and many other aspects of daily life.


Fortunately, in most cases it’s possible for a person with ADHD to get unstuck, and in these pages you’ll find numerous examples showing how effective treatment has helped those suffering from ADHD to get back on track.”

How about you? How would you answer the question?  Do you feel stuck?

Maybe you just need a nudge to get you back into the flow of your life. Often a quick hit of positive emotion, a slight shift in perspective, can get you back in the moment – owning and appreciating how much momentum and success you really have. Part of the journey is about learning to give that to yourself, or seek it out, when you need it.

I’d love to hear from you! Post your thoughts in the comments before you lose your inspiration.

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