Are you ready for change? Have you had an inkling that maybe you’re living with the traits of ADHD? Have you been thinking maybe it’s time to look more closely at how your brain wiring impacts your life?

If you’re considering taking a leap into change, perhaps signing up for my Core Series of online ADHD classes, I have a question for you: Are you coming to this decision from a place of acceptance or resignation?

The difference is critical. It will determine your level of engagement and even success.

What’s the Difference Between Acceptance and Resignation?

Acceptance is…

  • Recognizing the truth of the present moment without resistance.
  • Opening to your true feelings and being willing to just feel that.
  • A place of clarity from which you can respond.
  • A starting place for authentic choice.
  • A foundation for empowerment.
  • A necessity for being able to pause in the midst of a reactive moment and consider options, instead of reacting unconsciously through conditioned patterns of behavior.

Resignation is…

  • Giving yourself over to fate.
  • Giving up.
  • Disempowerment.
  • A place from which we’re likely to push difficult experiences away.

Can you feel the difference in those? Most people feel, at least at first, that if I am accepting who I am right now that I am resigning myself to always being that person. Absolutely not true!

Why Acceptance is So Powerful

Acceptance brings care versus neglect, understanding versus ignoring inner wisdom. If you’re ready to look at what you’re feeling and experiencing, you’re ready to be courageous. To move forward. To step into a process that will lead to more authentic feelings and experiences. Each step can lead you to a more authentic version of yourself.

What I know, personally and professionally, is that it’s worth bringing yourself back over and over again to that place of acceptance. The payoff is huge. It’s not a linear path, but Unpacking ADHD offers a lot of support to help you keep coming back and finding your way.

If you’re ready to lean into change, I’d love to work with you! Learn more about my Core Series of online classes for adults living with the traits of ADHD.

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