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Virtual ADHD Group Classes

Even if you don’t live in the Seattle area, you can still meet with Unpacking ADHD Founder Don Baker, MA, LMHC and others who are working to put their ADHD traits in perspective and improve their lives. Don is offering a series of private, ADHD group classes that are conducted live online.

TRACTION – Virtual

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Unpacking ADHD founder Don Baker has been running TRACTION classes for 20 years, continuously fine-tuning the content based on participant feedback. The structure of the sessions draws on the first two courses in our online Core Series, but each group is unique because it is co-created by participants. Here’s some of what we’ll discuss:

  • A New Understanding of ADHD Brain Wiring. Kick shame to the curb and gain a balanced perspective on adult ADHD. Together we’ll clarify what adult ADHD really is—and what it isn’t. Our understanding of ADHD wiring is changing! Learn more about how.
  • The Fundamentals of Optimizing Your Brain. Learn to work with your ADHD brain wiring, not against it. You’ll load up on skills and strategies for decreasing your distractibility, regulating your attention and focus, and accessing your strengths more consistently.


Here’s what to expect:

Each week you will receive a link to engaging online coursework that will take you about an hour or less to complete. Also each week we will spend an hour together in the virtual classroom, 12-1 Pacific on Wednesdays.

Upcoming Virtual ADHD Group Classes

What is the virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is a live, online classroom that allows you to communicate with others taking the course, view presentations or videos, interact with other participants, and engage with extra resources Don provides. This class will be collaborative and interactive … ….with the bonus of hearing others’ stories of how it is to live with ADHD outside of the US.

Are these classes insurance eligible?

Not currently but we have made them as affordable as possible.

Why change the format from the traditional office setting for group classes?

Those of us living with ADHD wiring (in all its forms) often have difficulty concentrating in the traditional classroom setting. For most, taking classes in a quieter, more familiar environment is a better option.  Not only are there fewer distractions, but they’re free to move about when necessary and can work at their own pace—especially on subjects they struggle with. This format also opens up these classes to people living outside of Seattle.

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