what does my score mean?

If your score was more than 50%, you live with many ADHD-related traits.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living with ADHD. Many people live with many of the traits without needing a full diagnosis of ADHD. Everyone’s mix of traits is different. You may be highly successful and still live with many of the traits.

A formal diagnosis of ADHD isn’t required to benefit from the materials on this website. Unpacking ADHD is about understanding your own unique brain wiring, so you can bring out your strengths and manage your challenges.


So, how are you feeling now? Here are some options, depending on your answer.


Many people are resistant to the ADHD label. I absolutely get it! But that doesn’t change the struggle that many people with these traits face.

If you’re feeling skeptical, please read my Open Letter to Adults Who Think the ADHD Diagnosis is BS.

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