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JumpStart Webinar Series – January 2016

man-leaping-from-rock-to-rockThis series was designed to give folks who are new to UnpackingADHD.com a running start.

It’s also a great way to get back on track if you started a class but stalled out.


Week 1

Get to know Don and get acquainted with our content and approach.

Recorded January 16, 2016


Week 2

Real-Life ADHD Stories

Recorded January 23, 2016


Week 3

Join the live webinar on January 30! Learn more and sign up here.


 5 Keys Crash Course

My goal in this webinar was to get through it all 5 of my keys to loving your ADHD brain in minutes, but it took me a bit longer than that! Still, if you haven’t read my free 5 Keys e-book yet, this your chance to get a crash course on living a more fulfilling life with ADHD traits.

Stick around after the first section and learn more about what UnpackingADHD.com offers for any adult with ADHD traits — with or without an ADHD diagnosis.

Recorded live on Sunday, July 19, 2015


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